Grade 1/2K

All students have returned refreshed and ready for another term of learning in Grade 1/2. In the coming weeks the children can look forward to our Mother’s Day pampering morning which will again coincide with Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea.


Sounds Write continues to be implemented each morning to support students phonemical awareness and understanding and support reading and writing progression. We are currently investigating the follow sounds:

Grade 1: Extended Code, Unit 5. We are learning the spelling < o > which can represent <o> sound as in ‘go’ AND <o> as in ‘hot’.

Our Grade 2: Extended Code, Unit 20 We are learning the spellings < air are ear ere eir ayer ayor > to represent the /air/ sound as in: Fair, fare, there, prayer, mayor.


During our daily Big Book sessions and reading group rotations, we are focusing on making text to self/text/world connections to help us better understand the characters and story. Students continue to transition through different activities across the week including read to self, listening to reading, word work activities, fine motor skill tasks and reading focus tasks.


During Writing, we have focused on recording all the fun we had in holiday recounts and have begun to introduce persuasive text writing. Our focus on persuasive writing has/will include investigating emotive language, using different sentence starters and sharing reasons to support our opinion.


In Numeracy we are looking at partitioning (breaking apart) the numbers 1 to 9 and recalling our ‘10 facts’/ ‘friends of 10’ to help us add two numbers together. We are also looking at becoming fluent with a range of mental strategies for addition and subtraction problems, such as commutativity for addition, doubles, near doubles, 10 facts and adding 10.


We have enthusiastically begun our term long ‘Schoolyard Safari’ investigation of Mini Beasts. During our sessions we will explore all things bugs, looking at insects found in our local area, their life cycles and environmental issues that can impact their survival.


In RRRR students have begun the term by looking at positive coping strategies which will include reflecting on their emotional responses, discussing ways in which they can take responsibility for their actions and practice techniques to deal with feelings of fear, frustration and anger.

- Mr King 

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