Birregurra’s School Uniform Policy requires students to wear a school uniform during school days and excursions. During the annual Polwarth Sports Day, students are required to wear sports uniform.  Occasionally students will organise free dress or fancy dress days, when no uniform is required.


We have decided to keep our school uniforms simple and affordable for our school community. Our uniform consists predominantly of clothing, which is available in standard colours from a range of suppliers.  Ideally, students will purchase at least one item of the school uniform with the school’s logo.  These will be available on either the bomber Jacket, windcheater or polo shirt.  Uniform order forms are available from school and will be given out to parents on the first transition day. There is also a uniform order in the Enrolment Pack. You are able to order new items of uniform each term.



The compulsory wearing of school uniform at Birregurra Primary school:

  • Promotes a sense of identity, cohesion and good order in the school
  • Allows all students to feel equal
  • Prevents bullying and competition on the basis of clothing
  • Ensures students’ appearance reflects the expectations of their school community
  • Enhances the profile and identity of the school and its students within the wider community
  • Strengthens the spirit of community within the school
  • Enhances individual student safety and group security
  • Ensures all students are dressed safely and appropriately for school activities
  • Encourages students to develop pride in their appearance and pride in the school

The colours of the school uniform are royal blue and white.

Orders may be placed at the office. Some uniform items are kept in stock at the school for emergency purchases.


Uniform Order Form


  1. All children are required to wear full school uniform daily
  2. Items of second hand uniform are also available at the school office.
  3. School hats and school bags are available for purchase direct from the office
  4. Contact will be made with families that are non-compliant with the uniform policy




Please note:

  1. No thongs to be worn (unless for medical reasons).
  2. Jewellery within the school environment which may cause accident or injury is discouraged. Sleepers or studs only are to be worn.
  3. No tank tops, singlets and shoe-string tops, as these do not meet dress standards required in our Sun Protection Policy.

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