Grade 3/4

It has been a busy start to Term 2 in the Grade 3/4 classroom, with Sovereign Hill camp being a highlight for many. It was an action packed two days, exploring the Gold Rush era and learning about life on the goldfields. Students participated in a number of education sessions, watched a gold pour and confectionary demonstration and even ventured underground to learn about gold exploration. It was amazing to see the student’s willingness to try new things and push themselves outside of their comfort zone.


During literacy sessions, we have continued to learn about the meaning of words and how the meaning of words can be changed by adding suffixes and prefixes. We have also been breaking words into its syllables when trying to write more challenging words. In reading we have continued to build our literal and inferential comprehension skills, using a variety of fiction and non-fiction reading passages to locate and infer meaning. In writing, we have continued to explore our persuasive writing structures and how we can use different techniques like rhetorical questions and modality to make our arguments more convincing. There have been lots of strong arguments and I think we may have some future debaters in our classroom.


In numeracy sessions, Grade 3/4 students have explored measuring length in both cm and m, measuring our longest jump and converting it between measurements. We have also looked at a range of graphs and data sets and created our own car graphs on our laptops. We are now revising our single digit addition and subtraction strategies and looking at how we can use these to solve more worded questions and more challenging number equations.


This term in Inquiry we are learning about Australian History, linking with our camp to Sovereign Hill. We have begun by sharing our knowledge about Indigenous Australians and the impacts of European Settlement. We will be learning about those who explored Australia, the impacts of colonisation, the Eureka Stockade and the Gold Rush.


In our Science and STEAM sessions, we are looking at Biological Sciences.  Our unit, Friends or Foes, will provide opportunities for students to explore the special relationship between plants and animals, such as bees and ants. Through investigations, students will learn about the life cycle of these species as well as the mutually beneficial relationships they have with one another.


Throughout our ‘Respectful Relationships’ program, we have explored our personal strengths as well as personal strengths in our class friends, understanding that we are all unique. We are now focussing on our positive coping strategies and how we can act and respond when ourselves and others are showing strong emotions.


A fantastic start to the term in our classroom! Looking forward to seeing more learning successes as the term goes on.


- Miss Erskine 


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