Grade 3/4

Full classes with all students at school have been a welcome sight following the return from remote learning. The staggered start has allowed everyone to find their own space in the yard and enjoy each other’s company once again. It will take some time for the children to find their groove however, I’m certain that given time and the correct approach they should successfully reconnect, making for an enjoyable term together. Our Respectful Relationships program will be integral in supporting this process with a focus on teamwork, resilience, coping mechanisms, help seeking and positive gender relations.

In Writing this term we have investigated the following genres: Persuasive, recounts and narratives. Students have studied various writing elements including the correct structure for each genre, the use of appropriate language and writing devices such as the use of emotive language, alliterations and how to plan successfully. Ms Hannah has continued to implement the Sounds Write program both in the classroom and online with enthusiasm, constantly engaging the children with a variety of activities and games to support their spelling development.

In Reading, we have focused predominately on visualising and predicting. Visualising helps students create a picture in their head of what they're reading. It's almost as if they are making videos or movies in their heads, all built from their background knowledge, their imagination, and the content of the text. Predicting involves the ability of readers to get meaning from a text by making informed predictions. Good readers use predicting as a way to connect their existing knowledge to new information and to get meaning from what they read.

The initial few weeks of Numeracy in Term 4 have seen us focus on fractions. The children began investigating basic fractions such as 1/2, 1/4 and 1/3. This progressed to the students learning how to represent equivalent fractions such as 1/2 = 2/4. Further to this, we have investigated how to add fractions and also represent them on a number line. From here we will look at the relationship between fractions and decimals in conjunction with where these may be found and used in everyday situations for example, when using money and measuring.

In Term 4 Science, the 3/4 students are exploring night and day. The Night and Day unit is an ideal way to link Science with literacy in the classroom. Students explore the sizes, shapes, positions and movements of the sun, earth and moon. They investigate how shadows change throughout the day and link these changes to the sun’s apparent movement across the sky. Students role-play the movements of the earth in relation to the sun and moon. Through investigations, they explain night and day in terms of the Earth spinning on its axis.

We are once again fortunate enough to have Louise Brown run a music program in the school. During Term 4 the program aims at rehearsing and preparing each class for the end of year concert. Other specialist classes continue with Art, Library, Italian and PE.


-Mr King 


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