Grade 3/4

Here we are already, almost at the end of a very eventful Term 3! While this term has not quite been as we planned or hoped, it has been wonderful to see the level of engagement, resilience and commitment of both students and their families.


The Seesaw digital platform has continued to provide us with the tools to maintain a full teaching program. We have been able to share videos, audio, photos, drawings and digital work samples. It has given us the means to provide students with both verbal and written feedback. The class has loved maintaining their blog and sharing jokes, pictures and insights into their lives at home. 


We have explored many writing genres this term, including recounts, animal information reports and most recently, procedural texts. Our most recent reading comprehension focus areas include using prior knowledge, cause and effect and comparing and contrasting. Miss Hannah has continued to lead Sounds Write remotely and has also maintained the tutoring program online.


In maths we have worked on times tables, division and multiplication and also explored using compass points and map coordinates. We have recently commenced the science unit ‘Night and Day’. Students are exploring the relationships between the Sun, Earth and Moon to help understand how we experience day and night on Earth.


Optional learning tasks have provided students with a variety of choice. Respectful Relationships tasks have been offered weekly by Mrs Bath, as have Italian lessons by Mrs Convery. Students have also maintained their creative flair with some opting to participate in remote Art tasks.


Our daily Zoom catch-ups have been a terrific way for us all to connect with each other, share news, discuss learning tasks and play games. It has been wonderful to have Miss Renee join us daily too.


Year 3/4 should be congratulated on their collective enthusiasm for learning, whether in class or working remotely from home. Here’s hoping we will be back together face to face in the not so distant future.


-Mrs Williams


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