Grade 2

From classroom learning to remote learning, the Grade Two’s continue to celebrate many successes as we begin to round off Term Two. It has been wonderful to see the Grade Two’s transfer their learning across all areas and have lots of fun along the way.


Our literacy block is full of learning as we build on our phonemic knowledge, reading and writing. In Sounds Write we continue making our way through the extended code, building, reading and writing one, two and three syllable words. We have thoroughly enjoyed our new range of Jill Eggleton Big Books using the clues from the front cover to make clever predictions. The Grade Two’s are developing their expression and fluency, looking forward to reading pages aloud using their entertaining character voices! We continue to focus on a variety of text features, specifically text connections and how they can help us better understand the characters or story. In writing, we continue to work on our skills, listening to feedback and setting goals. We have been working on our writing stamina and looking at editing and revising our work, making sure we have ‘perfect’ sentences and it’s the best piece of writing it can be.


We finished off our subtraction unit in numeracy, feeling confident with the new knowledge and skills we gained. Through lots of hands on games and activities, we looked at multiple strategies that we can use when taking away. These included backwards 10’s facts, doubles and halves, strategies familiar to us through our addition unit. The more we practiced them, the more ‘light bulb moments’ we had when we discovered the inverse relationship between addition and subtraction. We touched on fact families and thought it was pretty awesome that if we worked out one fact family we could write three other different number sentences! We will spend the remainder of Term 2 learning how to read digital and analogue time.


During our Science and STEAM sessions we wrapped up our Machine Makers unit by creating our very own Rube Goldberg machines! Putting our creativity and problem-solving skills to the test, we applied our knowledge of push and pull forces and simple machines to design, build and test our creations using classroom resources. And didn’t we have some good ones! We’ve recently started our Water Works science unit where we will be exploring how we use water, investigating where it comes from and how we can use it responsibly. Our visit from Barwon Water was very insightful and was a great way to introduce our new unit. In our ‘Life Now and Then’ inquiry sessions the Grade Two’s have been investigating how daily life of the present is different from the past and how it could change in the future.


The Grade Two’s continue to enjoy our weekly Respectful Relationship sessions with Mrs Bath. Using hand on activities, we have been developing our understanding of the range of day to day emotions we experience. Through in-depth class conversations and reflections, we have built a bank of positive coping strategies we can use when faced with challenging situations.


Specialist classes continue to be a highlight of our week! We have enjoyed developing our throwing and catching skill in PE, writing letters to our pen pals in Italian and building our understanding of indigenous culture through song and dance in music. Thank you to all our specialist teachers for their hard work, the Grade Two’s look forward to your classes every week.


Well done Grade Two’s on another amazing term of learning. You have worked extremely hard to work through challenges and achieve your goals. I am so excited to celebrate many more learning successes with you next term!


-Miss Lowe


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