Grade 2

A big welcome to Term 4 to all of our Grade 2 learning team! We have absolutely loved our consistent run of onsite learning (fingers crossed) and have been very excited to share stories and catch up with friends over the last couple of weeks. The students have settled well, back into our classroom routines and have dived head first straight back into our learning.

Our two-hour literacy block each morning is a busy one as we build and refine our reading and writing skills. The Grade 2’s have continued to work hard during our daily Sounds Write sessions as we work our way through the extended code, recognising we can write sounds with more than one spelling and sometimes one spelling can represent more than one sound. We have enjoyed using our class Reader’s Notebook to record ‘think marks’ and show our learning with the students then having a go at recording their own thinking with some of their favourite books from our classroom library. Our love of reading is evident in our ’10-minute reading challenge’! What started out as a bit of fun is now a daily event. Enter our classroom at this time and you will see us nestled in beanbags, sitting knee to knee with our class friends and the quiet hum of students pointing out their favourite parts or a new fact they have just learnt.


During our writing session we have had lots of fun learning about and working on creating similes. The students were able to use the colours of the rainbow to create some beautiful imagery and description! The display we were able to create was impressive not only due to how bright and colourful it is, but the level of work the students were able to produce!!

During numeracy, hands on activities have helped us explore and build our understanding of division. Our class chant of “to divide we start with it all then share so it’s fair” reminds us during our learning to create equal groups. We also revelled in our light bulb moment of discovering division and multiplication are ‘friends’ in mathematics, confidently building fact families with our number sentences. Our daily warm up game of 11’s has seen us become more confident with our 9-skip counting pattern. We are very proud that we now know our 2, 3, 4, 5, 9 and 10 skip counting patterns!

Our Inquiry unit for this term is ‘Under the Sea’. The Grade 2’s have been highly engaged in our investigation of the oceans of the world, able to identify them on a map and describe some of their features. Looking at the different zones of the ocean and the different marine life that lives in each zone has been fascinating… many of us amazed at how big the ocean truly is! We put our marine biologist hats on and researched sea creatures, creating posters to share our new knowledge. We were intrigued to find out how marine life depends on one another during our food chain activity.

The Grade 2’s have loved Mrs Bath coming into our classroom to support our ‘Respectful Relationships’ program. Reading the classic ‘The Paper Bag Princess’ prompted an insightful conversation and challenged us to think about gender stereotypes and generalisations. We loved reading this book so much you might even spot one of our kings or queens wearing a beautiful crown.

We have loved being back at school and cannot wait to learn, celebrate and achieve big things in Grade 2 for the remaining school year!


-Miss Lowe



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