Grade 1

The Grade One’s continue to amaze me with their wonderful learning and wonderings. As we approach half way through the year, it is amazing to watch them take ownership of their learning, setting goals and using feedback to challenge themselves to extend their learning and skills. They transitioned smoothly both in and out of our short period of Remote Learning.


In our literacy sessions, we have continued to build our understanding of the extended code, using our Sounds Write sessions to practise reading and writing words and our dandelion home readers to consolidate our understanding. We have been busy exploring a range of text genres and how text features differ between fiction and non-fiction texts. We love using our Jill Eggleton stories to explore interesting vocabulary and are enjoying being able to identify the characters, setting, problem and solution in our fiction texts. The Grade One’s are working hard to develop their writing skills, incorporating our writing techniques, such as ‘Show, Don’t Tell’, to make the writing more engaging for the readers. We are continuing to build our narrative writing skills, using graphic organisers to plan our weekly Big Writes. It has been fabulous to observe the growth in students since the beginning of the year.


Our numeracy activities continue to be loved by the children as they engage in a range of games and activities to consolidate and extend their understanding. We have worked hard to develop our subtraction strategies, developing fluency as we work with single and double digits, as we begin to make connections between addition and subtraction. We have also been exploring time, including days of the week, months of the year and reading time on analogue clocks. The students enjoyed making their own analogue clocks, learning to accurately read and make time to the hour and half hour. It has been terrific to see the students transfer their understanding to everyday scenarios, regularly reminding me when it is almost home time!

During our Science and STEAM sessions, we completed our Machine Makers unit. Students applied their new understandings of push and pull to make their very own Rube Goldberg machines in the classroom and at home. We have now begun our new Science/STEAM unit, Water Works, exploring how we use water, where it comes from and how we can use it responsibly. Our visit from Fernandez from Barwon Water provided a fantastic insight into the importance of water was a perfect lead in to our new unit. The students have enjoyed sharing their understanding of the precious resource, water, and are making connections with their world around them.


Our Australian Animals inquiry unit has also come to an end. Students successfully applied their knowledge of different animals to construct their very own ‘Australian Animals’ book. They enjoyed sharing their books with their families at home, teaching their parents and siblings some new facts! We have now begun our new unit, Life Now and Then, exploring the differences in our families from past to present. This has led to some interesting conversations and observations as we explored the toys we have now as to what they had in the past.


Throughout our Respectful Relationships program with Ms Bath, we have explored our emotions and positive coping strategies. This has been really helpful in supporting students in transitioning between remote and school learning. The class role plays and scenarios provide a wonderful opportunity for students to explain and practise some of our coping strategies.


Our range of specialist classes continue to be thoroughly enjoyed by the Grade One’s. Our music sessions with Miss Louise have given students an insight into indigenous perspectives and culture through song and dance. The children delight in our free dance time, busting a move to their favourite songs.


Our Grade One classroom has been very busy with lots of fun and challenging learning occurring. We can’t wait to celebrate more great learning successes next term!


-Miss Erskine


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