Latest Covid Safe Requirements

The Victorian Government has announced new arrangements for schools in Victoria from and including Friday 9th July. 


On the advice of the Victorian Chief Health Officer, restrictions in metropolitan Melbourne were brought into alignment with regional Victoria from 11.59pm Thursday 8th July 2021, which means the same COVIDSafe settings apply state-wide. These settings will remain in place for at least two weeks.

Face masks

• School staff (primary and secondary) and secondary school students aged 12 or older:
  o are not required to wear a face mask while at school, when interacting exclusively with staff and students from their school
   o must carry a face mask at all times, unless a lawful exception applies
   o should wear a face mask indoors at school when interacting with external visitors, including parents/carers and staff/students from other schools.
• Children under 12 years of age and students at primary school are not required to wear face masks
when at school.
• Face masks are mandatory for all school staff and school students aged 12 or older on public transport
and when in taxis or ride share vehicles. This includes travelling to and from school on public transport
or in a vehicle with others not from your household.
• School staff and students must also abide by face mask requirements when attending public venues.

Parents, carers, and visitors must observe indoor face mask requirements. Face masks continue to be recommended outdoors when 1.5m physical distancing cannot be maintained.

Camps and overnight stays advice remain the same

• These can take place across Victoria with no travel restrictions. Multiple schools can attend camps providing school groups remain separated and do not share common facilities at the same time.

Travel advice

Travel restrictions between states and territories and in some remote areas of Australia are currently in place. These restrictions are implemented by individual state and territory governments and are subject to change at very short notice.

Currently, Victoria has listed a number of states and territories as orange and red zones, meaning any Victorians returning from:
• orange zones must obtain an orange zone permit to enter Victoria, isolate on arrival, get tested within 72 hours, and stay isolated until they get a negative result

• red zones must obtain a red zone permit to enter Victoria, travel directly home upon arrival, get tested at the required time points (within 72 hours of arrival and on or about day 13 post arrival) and quarantine for 14 days.

There are currently no restrictions on travel between metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria.

Student absence due to border restrictions
We acknowledge that due to the current situation nationally, some students may be returning from a designated orange or red zone and be required to undertake home-based quarantine on return. In such instances, these students will be provided with learning materials until they are able to return to school.

The Department of Health has sent a text message to Victorians who have recently returned from red zones to contact the DET COVID-19 Hotline if they have school aged children at home. If your family is in this situation, please contact the COVID-19 Hotline on 1800 338 663 or the school as soon as possible to advise if your child or children will be absent due to border restrictions or quarantine requirements.

A reminder that parents, carers, and visitors must continue to adhere to density limits, follow face mask advice and check in using the QR codes when entering school grounds.



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